More Zombie Art every day! It’s all new original Zombie Illustrations that you’ll find here on Zombie Daily, all drawn by yours truly, Rob Sacchetto! So, today’s image would definitely be categorized as ‘now for something completely different,’ wouldn’t it? This image was done for an Australian gentleman who goes by the name of Digital Math, who specializes in Dubstep, Electro, Dance, House, Party music and sound, and was done as an album cover art element and as a sort of logo/mascot for his enterprise. You can check out his Facebook Fan Page at : . I have to say that I absolutely love artistic challenges like this and was very happy to oblige the request for a Zombie/Cyborg/Cockatoo. I was also very satisfied with the results, I think mostly for the fact that now I know what a Zombi/Cyborg/Cockatoo looks like. A lot of the time, the great challenge with a request like this is actually “selling” the image in that you want it to not only look like it should, but look ‘cool’ too. There are 1000 ways that you can screw up an image and ultimately, you have to try to avoid all of those and get to the good stuff.

Thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today folks. I hope that you all enjoyed today’s image, and I hope to see you all again soon!