Once again I post a new Zombie Illustration and add it to the hundreds here on the largest source of new original walking dead drawings on the planet, Zombie Daily!

Now, it’s as I mentioned before, you will not see a more diverse array of Zombies anywhere in the world, online or otherwise, as I try to bring you all zombies of many different kinds. From Mutant Zombies, to Zombie Animals, Sexy Zombie Pinup Babes, Twisted Dead Flesh Creatures from Hell, Zombie Mascots and many many others, I try to push the envelope as to how the Undead can be depicted. And now, since I’ve had the ‘Zombies in your Mailbox’ campaign, I’ve had a little more practice in the very weirdest Zombie requests ever.

Take today’s post for example, the Zombie Dalek. I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Who since  was a little boy, but I never dreamed I’d see a Zombie Dalek in my life, let alone draw one, but since I am an artist of the people, and the people requested a Zombie Dalek, so be it! I gave it my best shot! I think that it turned out kind of cool, although it was really tough to figure out what I was going to do to make a piece of machinery a Zombie. I hope you all like it nonetheless!

Thanks Zombie Nation, for coming by to see the newest Zombie Mayhem, see you again soon!