Hey there Zombie Art Lovers! It’s a Zombie Fidel Castro Target┬áright here on the #1 Source for new original Zombie Illustrations on the internet! I’ve done Thousands of Zombie Portrait paintings for people all around the world, and hundreds of Zombie Drawings and Paintings for this very site just for all of you Zombie Fans, but I also do many many Zombie related production art pieces as well. I’ve done everything from Zombie themed album cover art, for bands, skateboard decks, book covers, puzzles, magnetic book marks and personal journal covers, the list goes on and on, I’ve even provided art for a product recently, that I didn’t even knew existed but is super cool…more on that later. Basically, all that to say I love providing Zombie Art for cool new products, and today’s post is an example of just that, Zombie Targets. What better a target to shoot than a Zombie? Well, this company, which shall remain a secret until the targets are officially released, asked me to do not only just Zombie Targets, but those of famous dictators and other evil gentlemen. Too much fun! I’ll let you all know when you can order the real deals as soon as I know Zombie Nation, until then, keep firing at the real thing!

I hope that you all liked today’s post everyone, ‘see you again soon!