Greetings Zombie Art And Portrait Lovers What Zombie Daily is, is a celebration of all things Undead, a tribute to The Rotting Flesh that Walks and a memorial for those who have become Dead and Buried…and Back!

Take Flava Flav here. He ended up as one of the many celebrities used in my book “Zombiewood : The Celebrity Dead Exposed,” as I found him to be both a complete train wreck, an enigmatic individual, and visually, the decades’ screwed up answer to Marty Feldman…yes, one might say that he’s the Marty Feldman of Hip Hop…Anyway, to be honest I did consider him a great candidate to be included in the celebrity Zombie book because of his notable appearance, but also, because he was a fairly hot commodity with his ‘reality’ shows and connection, albeit absurdly, to Brigitte Wilson. That, coupled with the fact that the book was leaning in the direction of being a sort of trash tabloid type thing, pretty much sealed the deal for my decision of his inclusion. A few years later and who really hears much of Flav? I was very much aware of the trajectory of his television career and knew it wouldn’t last, just like some of the other “celebrities du jour” like Tila Tequila…anyone remember her? Me neither…On the other hand the more timeless celebrities kept the book from being disposable and really, the Hollywood minute crowd remained a much smaller part of the book in total, which again, was my decision as  I didn’t want people, my dead fans, to be left with something completely out of date shortly after purchasing it. I love my peeps WAT too much for that!

Thank you all for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I’ll see you all again soon!