Zombie Heads, Undead Heads, Heads of the Living Dead. It’s all the same and it’s all happening here on Zombie Daily, all of the time! Or at least every other day! We do have to leave room for all the many other forms of Zombie out there. The pinups, mutants, Movie Zombies, Undead animals, cartoon characters and many many more!

This Head of the Living Dead is similar in style to the one that I posted recently that was very ‘cartoon animation’ type. Very simple lines, exaggerated features and expression, basically flat color, really help to get the fact that this is a Zombie, with as few details as possible. This is a Living Dead guy, not super rotting with ripped flesh, blood around his mouth or anything else really gory, just a guy turned Zombie. For some reason, when the image had been finished, I looked at it a bit closer to try to think of a title for it and it just said ‘British, or Irish drunk Zombie at a pub,’ so I kind of went with that as the title. I must say, I really enjoyed working with this style, and will likely revisit it soon!

Thank you all for your awesome Zombie Daily support! ‘Hope to see you soon!