The Zombie Joker revisited, again! It’s the newest Zombie Art to be added to the massive gallery of the Living Dead illustrations here on Zombie Daily! What can you say about a character from comic books that is so popular I could almost make a career out of turning him Zombie? That’s the appeal of The Joker! Oddly enough, his sidekick, Harley Quinn possesses the same, if not greater fan love!

The entire Batman universe in fact has become a very interesting place in recent years, I think mostly because Gotham City in the comics, is almost, (quite actually really), the antithesis of ‘Metropolis’ and is in fact more of a ‘Horror Story Land’ with almost supernatural characters. Even if you’re not that big into comics, chances are you could name at least five Batman villains, while barely being able to come up with two Superman villains…I think that the Batman villains are more dark and twisted and more of the ‘urban squalor’ type, while the Superman villains are more of the ‘World Domination’ ilk. The Dark characters I think have more resonance and ability to be re imagined successfully and are simply more interesting and layered, the Joker and Harley Quinn especially!

‘Hope you really liked today’s new Zombie Daily post Walking Dead Fans! Tune in again soon for much more Zombie Mayhem as only Zombie Daily can deliver it!