More Giant Movie Monsters as Zombies folks! From the Godzilla movie ‘Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla where he first appeared to his only other appearance in Godzilla : Final Wars, King Saesar has always been a favorite giant monster of mine in just how unique he looks…kind of like a humanoid dog/lion creature. It was fun turning him Zombie for this series!

The truth is, I’m having so much fun doing this Zombie Kaiju series, it’s actually gone on for a lot longer than I originally anticipated! A lot of the reason for that is the Awesome reference material I’m getting from a site called ‘Kaiju Addicts.’ The reference actually comes from the giant monster toy line that replicates them perfectly! I remember being a young boy and trying to find reference material so that I could accurately draw these monsters I was so obsessed with, but there was no home video, no VCR’s no Internet, no magazines devoted to Kaiju, basically nothing accessible for me to work from, so I basically had to try and memorize the monsters whenever I had a chance to see them on late night television…

Thankfully now, things have changed and finding great reference is a piece of cake! Basically this is the main reason how I can even contemplate doing a series like this! Thanks technology!

Thank you all for coming by Zombie Nation! I really do hope that you are enjoying the Zombie Kaiju series and that you come back for more soon! ‘Bye for now!