Hey there Zombie Art Lovers! It has been and will always be my great pleasure to bring you all new original, hand illustrated Zombie Art lo these many years! To date here on Zombie Daily, there are over 1,500 Walking Dead illustrations for all of you Zombie fans to peruse. Of course, there are many more to come thus making Zombie Daily the number one source for all things drawn and undead!

We’re almost there Zombie Nation. Just two more days after this, and we will be at Head of the Living Dead number 400! I saved some of the neatest ones for posting around this time  frame because I really want to show you all that, even after doing 400 of these decaying mugs, there’s very likely 400 more that can be done! I’m going to do my best to make that happen! Although I’m neck deep in projects both Zombie and non Zombie related, I always have a wee bit of time left at the end of the work week, (which is pretty much 7 days), to fit in more “HotLD” drawings. Whether I’m penciling, painting or inking them, there are always a few around the studio to peck at in various stages. It’s still the most creative side of my week as I really get to let loose with them and create crazy and even non traditional Zombie visions!

Thanks for stopping in today everyone! Feel free to stop by again soon for some new undead mayhem soon!