Hey kids, it’s time for more Zombie Action! I’m sure that you’ve been expecting it due to the fact that this IS Zombie Daily, the most Zombie Art by one person in the whole wide world!

I bring to you today another Movie Madman of the Undead, in this fan request for Micheal Myers! And yes, it’s not even Halloween! To be honest, I was never really a fan of the Halloween series of movies…the third one was kinda cool because it was way different, but generally, I’m not the slasher flick kind of guy…I like more fantasy based horror and a guy with a knife just doesn’t really seem all that interesting to me. Guys like that already exist, and a bullet could easily stop them…Zombies…not so much.

In regards to this series actually, I’ll be doing a few more, but obviously no where near the numbers of The Heads of the Living Dead or the Zombie Pinup Divas. There just aren’t enough movie characters out there and they take me much longer to do individually so posting them on a daily basis would not be possible…even for me!

Thanks for stopping by Zombie Nation! I hope that you liked today’s new Zombie Post! See you soon!