Greetings Zombie Art Lovers! I’m sorry but I HAD to make a zombie Oscar Statue! I know that I mentioned yesterday that I would post the new “Cereal Box Mascot of the Living Dead”, but this image idea just popped into my head last night, and I had to whip it up and post it while it was still topical. I will definitely post a new mascot tomorrow.

I hope that you are all enjoying the extended posting time that I’ve been able to accomplish here on Zombie Daily. Traditionally, I’ve had to take a break of two a year so that I could either work on other projects, or simply recharge my batteries and get some rest from the daily drawing grind. Fro the past few months, it’s been a great joy to be creating so many fun zombie images and so far this year, the side projects that I’ve got going on are all being handled by other people, as my time spent on them has been done for a while. This has freed me up do do the vast number of new zombie illustrations it takes to keep this site current and fresh for all of you awesome fans out there!

So, once again I thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today everyone, I hope to see you all again really soon!