A hearty welcome to all of you with an interest in The Walking Dead, Zombie Pin Up girls and all things that have died and come back to feast on the living! If any of those phrases appeal to you, you’ve come to the right place, because Zombie Daily delivers the goods in that a new Zombie Illustration is posted here DAILY!! Well, they are certainly coming at us with greater frequency. I’m of course talking about the subject of the latest post, Zombie Pinup Divas! Zombie Pinup Divas are for those who like a little rotting flesh in their cheesecake, and by that I mean, these hotties have somehow managed to maintain their hotness after coming back from the dead. The Zombie Pinups have always been a big hit with fans, so, like the huge, almost never-ending mega series, the “Heads of the Living Dead,” which I continue to work on, I wanted to do something comparable with the hot ombie Babes…and that is create a gigantic series of them. The difference between this series and the ‘Heads” is that I’ll be using different mediums and approaches to this, while the Heads were far more regimented in that I used a single underlay template to create them all. The Zombie Pinup Divas will be a wide open adventure. Take this image for example. It is the very first I’ve ever done on off color parchment paper. The stock was colored, and much thinner than I normally use, and I pretty much just experimented with it using a .01 pen tip. I’ve since done a few more. I really hope that you like the results.

Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation. Tune in again soon for more new Zombie Art every day!