Hey there lovers of hot Zombie Pin Up Fetish Babe Art! I’ve zombified my fair share of people, animals, cartoon characters and even other monsters in my day, but nothing gives me that double dipped thrill more than turning pinup babes into the undead. I grew up loving artists like Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams and William Stout to name a few, and one thing that I really always dug about their art was how they did their one off black and white illustrations and character designs. With Frazetta, it was mainly how he incorporated beautiful, voluptuous women in his art, but all the artists that I revered had their numerous portfolio, or simple design pieces that I totally sank my artistic teeth into. When time allows, I do especially enjoy illustrating more fully developed pieces with backgrounds and such, but for the practical purposes of posting on a daily blog and the obvious time constraints, just doing the one off character designs will usually satisfy my desire to do the sexy zombie girl pinup.

I really hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation. Tune in tomorrow when I will post a new Cereal Box Mascot of the Living Dead…..But WHICH ONE??!!

Stop by to find out! See you then!