Greetings Lovers of Zombie Art! I’m gearing up to create tons of new Zombie Pinups after my huge new undead art project, but in the meantime, here’s an image from just a small part of a related Zombie Babe Pinup job that I did for a ‘soon to be revealed’ company, over the Summer. Just wait until you all see how cool this product is…in fact, I didn’t ever know that this particular product existed until they got in contact with me. In any case, I’ve needed to focus on Zombie Portraits, “Heads of the Living Dead” drawings and a new massive job for the last little while, but soon, I will be getting back to one of my special loves, The Zombie Pinups! I’ve accumulated a lot of great reference images to inspire me over the last few months and I hope to make the best of it with great stand alone images, and some full blown scenes and color illustrations too.

Thank you all for stopping in to the Zombie Daily section of Zombie Portraits today everyone. Oh, and by the way, just to keep you all up to date, the other day, we surpassed the 1300 post mark! That’s a lotta Zombies!