The Zombie Pinup Divas keep coming! Welcome everyone, to a new daily dose of Zombie Art right here on the aptly named Zombie Daily site, a division of Zombie Portraits! I search far and wide for the most beautiful women in the world to Zombify, and I also plumb deep into the depths of my own twisted brain to come up with even more! I think that a healthy dose of life drawing coupled with pure unbridled imagination is the key to creating some very impact-full imagery. I have been culminating many great poses from models for years in preparation for this series of Zombie Pinup Divas as I really didn’t want to rush it. My last giant series, the “Heads of the Living Dead,” was completed over two and a half years, and I expect that with the goal being at least 365, like the heads series, the Pinup Divas should take just as long. The nice thing is that I don’t have to wait, or make you, the fans wait that long to see it as I will be posting them almost as fast as they are completed, and I may even do a whole week of Zombie Pinup Divas posts! I really hope that you enjoy them all, and judging from the response my Zombie Pinups have gotten in the past, it seems like you will!

Thank you all for stopping in to Zombie Daily today everyone! Please feel free to stop in again anytime for more new Zombie Mayhem!