YAY! It’s October! Time for New Zombie Art, Halloween, and Scariness! What better way to kickoff Zombie Daily, October, and the month of the Great Pumpkin than posting a new Topless Zombie Pinup Diva for your Zombie Art offering!

We’re now at a big One Hundred and Seventy new Zombie Pinup Divas! That is a lot of Hot Zombie Babes for sure! I’m very much looking forward to the big Two Hundredth Zombie Pinup, but that is still some ways away given that more time and energy go into each of these Zombie Art pieces than others…A lot of that has to do with the fact that they are simply produced on larger paper sizes too. I like using a larger format to add detail and possible backgrounds to the Pinups, and, having said that, any backgrounds I add take additional time of course too, I just want the Zombie Art for this series to be a little stronger and more fleshed out than some other series’ that rely on more color, gore, rot, and decay…The Zombie Babes have become a little more refined and almost smooth to the touch…of course that could all change soon as well because as we all have seen in the past, the Zombie Pinup Divas have evolved quite a bit since I first stared drawing them!

Okay, so that about does it for another new Zombie Art post here on Zombie Daily! I hope that you have enjoyed the newest Zombie Pinup Diva illustration, and that I see you back for more Zombie Art Madness soon!