More new Zombie Art anyone? How about some new Zombie Pinup Art? If the answer is ‘YES!’ then Zombie Daily is the place to be! In fact, for new Zombie Art every day Zombie Daily is always the answer! Today’s new Sexy Zombie Chick is the one hundred and eighty first in the ever expanding ‘Zombie Pinup Divas’ series here on Zombie Daily. Like the vast majority of Zombie Art posted here, it comes to you and you alone as a brand new exclusive post! Most of the Zombie Art posted here is not shown anywhere else! It makes Zombie Daily even more special and unique and ‘must see!’ So not only do I not run a website that pulls Zombie Art and movie and TV stills from other sites, I create brand new Zombie Art content that only the privileged who actually click over to Zombie Daily can see it! Now, far be it from me to create Zombie Art specifically for one privileged group, but you have to admit, actual access to it is pretty darn easy, you just have to know it exists! So really, it’s just like any other non porn website out there! Except I do show Hot, Topless, Nude, Semi Nude, and sometimes downright Super Sexual Zombie Babes here from time to time!

Just a little bit about the Zombie Pinup Divas. So, for most of the Divas drawings I will use reference material often found in magazines or the internet. I just have to say, that even that part of the process is often quite an arduous task in itself. Yeah, it’s pretty great having an excuse to look at hot babes on the internet, but really, I search them out for a specific set of criteria in mind…I don’t look at how ‘sexy’ they are as much as I look at how the pose, lighting, clarity, etc relates to the best Zombie Pinup. Just a FYI for you Zombie Fans!

So I once again want to thank you all for stopping by Zombie Daily once more everyone! I hope that you all loved today’s new Zombie Art entitled┬áTiny Lingerie Zombie Babe, and that you come back for more in the very near future!