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Well, I’m sad to say that my cold just wont let go, so once again, I’m going to keep today’s post brief…Of course if you’ve ever been to Zombie Daily before, you are well acquainted with the Zombie Pinup Divas series, and if not, well, let me fill you in a bit on what I hope to accomplish with it.

The Zombie Pinup Divas series will hopefully be one of 365 total images of Zombified Pinup Girls done in different media ranging from stark black and white to full color. The only real criteria that will encompass them all as a unit is that they are all undead and they are all hot babes! That’s pretty much the mission statement for this series! I’m just going to try to have fun with it and provide one calendar years’ worth of scantily clad posed living dead girls for you all to enjoy…I hope that you like them so far…!

‘Gonna have to call it a day my friends. Please come back to your Zombie Art nest soon!