It’s hard to believe that so much Zombie Art can exist in one place, but at Zombie Daily, the number of new art pieces featuring the Living Dead increases on a daily basis, and since it’s been around since way back in 2008, it’s no surprise that there is more Zombie Art here than anywhere else in the world! I love sharing my Zombie Art with all of you, and since my need to draw the Walking Dead in all of it’s gory, grotesque and abominable forms is unquenchable, you’ll be seeing much more to come for a good long time.

I’m going to try to present a new Zombie Pinup Diva for you every couple days…I think that in order for me to create these new visions of curvy cadavers on a regular basis, I need to start a regimen of posting that I strive to compete with. It really hasn’t been that long since I presented the first Living Dead Girl from this series, and we’re already at #24! I intend for this more diverse group of  drawings to be as long and varied as the “Heads of the Living Dead” series…perhaps even more so, as I intend to, and in fact already have, experiment with different mediums to create new and more interesting illustrations. I hope that you have enjoyed them so far, and that you stick around for the long fun filled ride ahead!

Thanks for checking out Zombie Daily today everyone! Please stop by again soon for more Zombie Art Mayhem!