Hey Zombie Art Freaks! Do you love Zombie Art? Do you love Hot Babes? Do you love it when Zombie Art is crossed with Hot Babes in the form of Zombie Pinup Divas? Of course you do! That is why I’m embarking on a HUGE 365 Zombie Pinup series featuring some of the most beautiful women in the world as ravenous flesh eating Zombie Babes! Today marks the first of many ‘Named’ models that have delightfully agreed to be immortalized as one of the Walking Dead in the series. We hear the phrase “Girl Next Door” thrown around so often it has lost all meaning, or has more appropriately lost its meaning, but when I first saw this beautiful model named Jenna Drouin, it is the very first thing that came to my mind to describe her. She absolutely has that undeniably wholesome look that is utterly captivating and I immediately knew that I needed to illustrate her for the series. I really find that the natural look goes so far in defining a woman’s beauty, someone who has a very unique individual appearance that is not manufactured to appear like a mass produced product, and that is what leaped out at me when I first saw Jenna. I’m sure that you will see more illustrations of her by me in the future of the Zombie Pinup Divas, so stay tuned!

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