Welcome Zombie Art Lovers! Rob Sacchetto here to wish you a great day and a fantastic time ‘Zombie Watching!’ It’s fun, safe, and easy to do your Zombie Watching here on Zombie Daily. First, the Zombies are all two dimensional…that means they can’t really hurt you! The Zombies are also in a digital format on your computer screen! That means that unless the original Zombie Virus that created them has somehow mutated so that it can effect living tissue through digital images….you should be okay! Although that could be the basis of a cool Zombie Apocalypse story! Let’s put a pin in that!

So, in April I will be attending the Shock Stock Expo in London Ontario. This is the first horror convention I’ve done in quite some time and I expect to showcase some new products there. I don’t do custom art at these things, I’m usually too busy networking and meeting my favorite film icons but I do tend to showcase as much new merchandise as possible. This year, I hope to be unveiling my new manga sized sketch book featuring Zombie Pin Up Girls. People have been asking and I intend to provide. It will be a close call, with printing and shipping and everything, but I think these books will be available for sale. Hope to see you there!

As far as Zombie Art and future postings go, there will undoubtedly be more Zombie Pinup Divas of course! They comprise a very large fan base and since you guys love them, there will of course be many more to come! The other great thing that ensures this Zombie Art series continuing is that they represent a huge ‘original content’ area. Much like the ‘Heads of the Living Dead,’ the Zombie Pinup Divas are not based on pop culture icons or copyrighted characters! I like that!

Thanks for stopping in Zombie Nation! ‘See you all again soon!