Zombie Art alert! You have now entered the Zombie Art Zone! It is a place like no other on the internet! Here, a new Zombie Drawing or Painting is posted every day! The one difference between this site and countless others that offer Zombie Images is that here, it is one guy that does it all! There are more than 1400 Zombie related pieces of art here to enjoy and I’m the Zombie Fan behind it all, yes that’s me Rob Sacchetto! Today I am incredibly proud to share with you, images from a project I had to keep quiet about since October of last year but can finally begin to see the light of day.! The United States Playing Card company, the makers of Bee and Bicycle playing card decks, asked me to do for them, an entire deck of Zombie Cards in full process color! That’s 54 separate playing cards plus the back and slipcase! Wow, it was TONS of work, but I enjoyed every second of it! So, along with the Heads of the Living Dead series, the Zombie Pinup Divas, and other Zombie Mayhem, i can now add these card images to the Zombie Daily roster for a while. I hope that you all enjoy them. There will be more information on them in the coming days too so please stay tuned!

Thank you all for joining me today Zombie Nation, I hope to see you all back soon!