More new Zombieness for all of you rabid fans of Zombie Art! This is the place everyone in the know comes to check out what new Zombie Mayhem I’ve come up with on a daily basis, and I really try not to disappoint! Here is another Zombie Playing Cards Image that I did for the United States Playing Card Company, the makers of the super popular Bicycle and Bee brands. The theme for this huge fully painted deck, was ‘Everyday Zombies,’ so it was my job to create Zombie images based on things people did every day. It’s kind of like what would happen if the world didn’t have any living beings left in it and everyone had turned Zombie. The thing that was neat about this was, I could draw regular normal daily human activities done by the Undead! Some of them turned out funny, some chilling and some just weird! It was immensely fun to do however and I had a blast. The cards will soon be in stores so please pick up a deck, I really think that if you dig Zombies you’ll love the deck.

Thank you so much for stopping in today Zombie Nation. I really hope that you have enjoyed what has become my longest uninterrupted run here on Zombie Daily. It’s not always the easiest thing to come up with new drawings every single day, but it is honestly a labor of love and I will continue doing it as long as you Zombie Fans keep coming back, Thanks!