If you have questions about the artistic process, please check out this in depth look at zombie portrait creation.

For all other questions, please see the FAQ below. If you can’t find an answer to your question please contact us and we would be more than happy to address any questions.

Q. What do I get for my money?

You will receive an original, hand illustrated 9″x11″ created by Rob Sacchetto (or 12″x15″ for couples). You will NOT receive a computer generated illustration. You WILL receive a hard copy and full color painting suitable for framing or freaking-out loved ones.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

Expect your Zombie Portrait to ship a few days from the receipt of your photo. In some cases we may be able to rush your order for an additional fee. Please contact us if you have a short deadline.

Q. Any special photo requirements?

You must send a CLEAR headshot. Please ensure that the image and background is well lit and the image is not blurry. Photos that are not clear may be rejected and may result is a longer wait time. Please ensure that your photograph is clear and your profile is positioned as you would like it to appear in your Zombie Portrait. Black and white photos are fine. Rob prefers JPG.

Q. What about group and couple portraits?

“Rob does couples portraits. The picture you receive will be 12″x15″ or larger. For groups greater than two, contact us. We will take care of the rest.”

Q. How much is the shipping and handling?

In the spirit of fairness and to better maintain our own records and minimize overhead, we have opted to go with a flat shipping rate. In all honesty, we sometimes lose money with that policy but we really want to make our service available to everyone. Our handling fee makes up the bulk of the overall attached S&H costs due to our dedication in providing you with an undamaged portrait. The supplies we use ensure that your portrait will arrive undamaged. Once a package has been sent, www.zombieportraits.com is no longer responsible for lost items, nor for items held at the border by the Customs Department.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

Yes! If you want a Zombie Portrait, you will get a Zombie Portrait. We ship to Canada, the US and ‘International’ – that’s you. It’s one flat rate regardless of where you are in the ‘International’ world. If you have further questions, please contact us and we will accommodate your request.

Q. What about copyright?

We reserve the right to use your zombie Portrait image for promotional purposes. Other than that, provided that you are the subject of the portrait, the image is yours to do with as you wish. Regarding prints, sorry, but we retain all rights. If you would like to licence an image, please contact us.

Q. I’m having trouble with Paypal, what do I do?

Paypal is a third party that we have no control over. Contact customer support or call 1-402-935-2050 or email Paypal, we will do the same and together we will get things moving.

Q. I hate Paypal! Any other payment options?

Of course! We can arrange payment by check or money order. However, work will not begin on your portrait until your payment has cleared. Email us and we can arrange alternative payment.

Q. What if I am unhappy with my Zombie Portrait?

These portraits are badass, you will love your Zombie Portrait.

Q. How do I start the process?

Just pay, send your photo to and Rob will do the rest. Click on the type of portrait you want, pay via Paypal and you will be taken to a page with a super secret email address you can send your photo to.

Q. Can I make any special requests?

Rob Sacchetto may entertain some simple requests however he would prefer to interpret your photograph without outside influence. Rob wants to bring out your “inner zombie” using his own artistic license. Rest assured that you will NOT be disappointed in the results. If you have any questions or requests, please inquire BEFORE ordering.