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More Zombie Art than anywhere on the planet! This is the promise that Zombie Daily gives to you, the Zombie Fans of the world! And to accomplish this, I bring you new, original Zombie art, straight from my brain to my hand then to paper then to YOU!

I’m still trying to recuperate from a very bad cold everyone, so I’m going to keep today’s post brief as well. I’m posting today’s image in honor of Leonard Nimoy’s birthday, and because I really haven’t posted a celebrity or blast from the past image in quite some time…of course today seemed like the best time…This was a drawing that I had done a few years back, not for my ‘Zombiewood’ book as you’d expect, but for a very fun blog called “Bad Spock Drawings” which I highly recommend that you check out. The art depicting various dimensions of the Spock character need to be seen to be believed!

That’s all for today Zombie Nation. I hope to see you again very soon. Thanks for stopping in!