Hey there and a happy Valentines Day greeting to all of you Lovers of the Living Dead and Zombie Art! If you can pry yourselves away from your intimate proceedings for a moment, I have some more Zombie art for you to check out real quick…and it even goes well with the day at hand. This was one of the very first Zombie themed items we came out with shortly after starting the Zombie Portraits service. It even pre dates the creation of Zombie Daily believe it or not! We really thought that in doing the Zombie Portrait service, people would be coming to the site for other Zombie related merchandise as well, so we better have some interesting stuff on hand. So this Valentines day card, and of course three others, for Christmas, Birthdays and “Get Well” were created. I remember us sitting in my living room thinking that we should come up with cool slogans…so everyone sort of just started blurting out this and that, and for the Valentines day one, someone of course said “I chew, chew, chews you..” Well we all sort of laughed and vetoed it dismissing it as a bit of a cop-out because of it’s obvious rip off of Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons…Then we literally could not think of anything better to put on it! It was and remains perfect! Now I see countless Zombie Valentines day cards with the same slogan, ripping off what we ripped off…I just hope that the others doing it know and love the source material!

Thank you all for taking the time from your Valentines Day activities to join me here today for a little Zombie Mayhem! ‘See you again soon!