Zombies and Zits go together like pimples and pus! Sorry, that’s incredibly gross, but really, when you think about it, so true…the decay would bring all kinds of festering boils to the surface of the rotting skin and they would then begin to weep their putrescent fluid down the face and body of the reanimated deceased. Super disgusting but again true! Of course this would be tenfold in the very hot summer sun, never mind the sun baking the  horrific surface of the dermatologically challenged Undead! Could you even imagine the horrendous smell accompanying a Zombie Horde? The Zombie Apocalypse would indeed be a hellish place on earth as the population of insects would also explode! All sorts of fly species would emerge in the millions as the maggoty larva traveled around on the animated corpses. The disease that would be carried in their wake would be bad enough without the actual physical danger of the hungry dead…’Just thought I’d give you all something to ponder today…Oh yeah! I think that the only safe place to eventually be during the Zombie Apocalypse would be the coldest regions on the planet where, the onslaught of the undead would stop dead, frozen in their tracks, and could be dispatched at will. Also, the insects could not live in that climate either and therefore not spread the disease, nor could most small warm blooded animals that spread disease either, like rats and mice and such.

Okay, so that was a little insight to the assuredly ‘not fun’ Zombie Apocalypse that may be in our future…’Hope I didn’t kill your post apocalyptic buzz! In any case, I also hope that you enjoyed today’s ‘Head of the Living Dead’ art! Please come back soon for some more Undead Mayhem! I’ve got some great new images I’ve been working on just for you! ‘See you soon!